All done... For now!

We made it home mid week and went off to work Thursday and Friday. It was kind of a shock to the system.
We spent Wednesday scrubbing the RV inside and out and emptied the contents (many cases of wine and some full and empty growlers) of our home away from home into our house. We’ve decided to purge even more of our stuff and closets and whatnot are further being emptied.
Airbnb was awesome again this summer. We had wonderful guests throughout and our housekeeper made everything perfect in between each guest and for us before we arrived home. I’m so happy to help others have a great vacation as we hell ourselves afford ours!
I think Gigi was the only happy family member upon our return. Mica, out cat seems to prefer the RV and Kona doesn’t really care where as long as her people are there. Andrew and I both had difficulty transitioning. I think there is something about being in a small space with fewer responsibilities for cleaning and upkeep that makes us more content. More down time and relaxation …
It was great fun to see friends and make new friends across the country. Connecting to awesome people rocks!!
We are taking the RV to my parents’ house next weekend and I will try and be better about posting as we go on smaller trips in this area.
Thanks for reading!!