Bauer Keyless Entry Disaster!

July 2016 UPDATE

Again a problem… after using this door lock many times a day for a month we have discovered a new flaw in the way it is constructed. When opening the RV door, the locking mechanism sometimes falls so that it is in the locked position while the door is open. Not realizing this we have slammed the door, with the force to close a car or RV door, and have bent the locking mechanism. We bend it back, the lock works again, but only until the next time it falls without warning and the door is slammed. We find it a nuisance to check the door lock each and every time we open it as we are in and out of the RV a lot as we travel and even when in a location long term. With dog walks and generally enjoying the outdoors we are tired of having to check the lock. We have removed it and replaced it with the one we bought last summer during our lock-out event… we are on the hunt for a door that might be more like a car door with a remote to lock and unlock. We shall see!

June 23, 2015 UPDATE

Disaster Corrected! I’m so happy to report an update. We emailed the company, Bauer Products, and within 24 hours the president of engineering contacted us to apologize and offered to over night a new lock. We took him up on the offer (we didn’t buy from him but from another online merchant). Within a day we had the new lock installed and it works great. We did decide to hide a key in case. Also, he requested we send the original back so he could look at it and discover the issues to improve future locks. That makes me feel better about their product and when it comes time to replace this one, we will definitely consider Bauer Products!


We have a key-less entry at our home in Arlington so we wanted the same for the RV. We researched as much as we could and found Bauer.  Not a good investment.

We installed it about a week and a half prior to our trip from VA to TX. We programmed our chosen number and used it with great success several times. On the first day at the resort in Texas the lock failed. Not because the batteries were dead, but because the system somehow reset itself and did not work. Each time we entered our code there was a long, loud beep. We were in 90 degree heat and locked out.

We went to the website and tried the default code as suggested. Only a long loud beep in response. After trying our code as well as the default many times, and calling the company with no answer, we started banging on the door with a file my husband happened to have in the trunk of the car (the tools were all locked in the storage areas).

After a couple of hours, and the help of some very nice neighbors, we were  finally able to use a hammer and screwdriver to break the lock and gain entry. We immediately ran to the store for a replacement lock that requires a key! Luckily, Camping World was nearby and open.

I would not recommend this lock. We contacted the company via email and requested an address to send the broken lock and receive a refund. I will post updates as I have them. Baur keyless entry disaster!