Been a while...

We are enjoying our lives... just didn't feel like posting for a while. Honesty, I was tired of the politics, the election and the fired up people we met that felt the need to share their views. I guess living in an RV, towing a motorcycle and Jeep with Texas plates says something about a person. I think the message several unkind and bigoted people receive is that we think and believe like them. We don't. Uncomfortable learning experiences for us.

In the last six months we traveled to the Florida Keys... warm and beautiful in the early winter.
Then through the panhandle and on to New Orleans.
A short stop on the gulf of Mexico in Texas before a long working in an office stay in the Dallas area.
From there we enjoyed Big Bend and western Texas.
Through Quartzsite, Arizona and into southern Cali to spend time at BLM outside Joshua Tree, to visit a friend in San Diego, and stop at a few Harvest Host locations and enjoy wines... LA for another long office-working stay and then to San Francisco for a Google conference and onto many stunning places all over central and northern California.
Then for a brief and warm stay in Rhyolite, NV.
A two month stay in Reno, NV for another office-working stay.
While there we also visited Lake Tahoe, Lake Pyramid and Washu State Park.
Then onto Utah and the Salt Lake Flats for playtime... You know we took our shoes off and covered ourselves in salt!
And a BLM for camping.
Finally we went north to get ready for our trip to Alaska!!