Local Stay in Cherry Hill in DC

So, we were planning a trip out-of-town for Labor Day weekend. We were thinking of VA Beach or just driving south a few hours deep into Virginia (where we have never been although we’ve lived her for 14 years).  We rented our house on airbnb.com and planned our escape. Then Andrew’s family told us they were coming through that weekend to see DC on the way back to NY from their beach trip. Uh oh! We quickly started researching RV parks in the area and found Cherry Hill! We booked it Friday-Monday and were happy to only have a 30 minute drive to our weekend away!

Little pond next to the highway.Little pond next to the highway.

Cherry Hill in DC was great (just north of DC)! Nice wide spaces, gravel and grass area in our designated space, a fire pit, woods behind us and wide roads that made it easy to back our 35′ RV in! The Camp was very clean and we really enjoyed the trail that wrapped around the site through the woods. The dogs had lots of space on extended leashes to run as the park made use of the space under power lines as grass green space. There was also a small dog run. For those with kids, there were several playgrounds marked to keep dogs away and a nice pool and hot tub area as well. The location could not have been better to get to DC (although we didn’t bother to venture in from here) and even better was the Metro Bus stop on the property. WOW convenient!


Hanging out next to the RV! The wooded area directly behind us.Hanging out next to the RV! The wooded area directly behind us.

The downside, if you don’t like highway noise, is that it is on the local highway! To us, it was just white background noise and since we live in a highly populated area just off a highway ourselves we hardly noticed!

Side note: Having two dogs used to sitting on a mulched yard or a porch we bring along pieces of linoleum for them! It’s nicer than sitting on gravel and a great way to keep some of the bugs off them when we are parked in or adjacent to grass. We also bring little fleece blankets for them when it’s cold and we put the blankets on top of the linoleum. The linoleum can be sprayed with dog safe bug spray as an added layer of protection. Mosquitoes love our dog Gigi and she can end up with a ton of bites if we are hanging out by the fire pit. This seems to help!