Door locks...

So, we had a perfectly good door lock when we bought the Palazzo. However, we managed to lose both key sets! It took less than a year and both sets were lost. We have no idea what happened to the first set but the second was probably left at a gas pump on our last little adventure to NY (family visit… Another good story I will need to share). We have keyless entry locks at our home in Arlington, VA and we thought that would be great on the Palazzo…

We did our research and found Bauer products. After ordering online and receiving it quickly, we rushed out to the unlocked RV (luckily it’s in a gated facility) and installed the new keyless entry system. Ahh. All better.

A few weeks later we were on our way across the country. We kept the keys with us at all times just in case something occurred to the keypad. Nothing did. It worked great at every gas and truck stop. Andrew read that sometimes the system will reset to the original code, so we were playing it safe.

After parking in Texas at our pretty site we decide to move the tools from the storage under the Palazzo to inside. We have a lot of “projects” to do. Then we take the dogs on a nice long walk in 90 degree weather. When we arrive back, we push in our code and there is a long beep. No worries, we do it again, and again… Long beeping sound. Now I’m worried. Andrew, as always, stays calm and looks up the original code (this took a while as we forgot the name of the new lock). He finally finds it, pushes in the code, and a long beep. OMG!!! The tools are inside, we have been here for all of an hour, and we are locked out without the key!

Andrew, staying calm, gets an old file and hammer from the trunk of his car (no idea why he has these things in his car). He begins working the lock with the file and hammer. Our neighbor hears and comes over. He has a screwdriver but no drill. So, after a pretty long time, Andrew breaks the lock and we are in. Unfortunately we ruined the screwdriver… Easy fix with a new set we bought the next day for the very kind neighbor!!!

Now we have no door lock. Andrew rushes out to Camping World which happens to be a few miles away and now we have this lock…

The third and not final lock.The third and not final lock.

Sadly, the story does not end here. Monday, I go out with the dogs for an early morning walk (without keys). I don’t lock the door when I leave the RV so it should not be locked when I return. Except it is!!!! Somehow the thing locked itself when I shut the door. I guess the force of closing the door bounced the lock. Twice in less than 24 hours I’m locked out!!

Andrew was still home and showering so I only have to wait a few minutes. But really?!? Lesson, NEVER leave the RV without keys(or hide an extra set somewhere close by)!