First official trip 2014: Rondout, NY

[![As you can see there is plenty of space for our RV, dolly and car!](]( you can see there is plenty of space for our RV, dolly and car!
We left on July 25th and stopped in PA for a family visit before we continued onto the Hudson Valley in New York for five nights. We stayed through an Encore promotion for 14 free nights at different RV parks. This was the first stop of three parks we booked. The [Rondout RV Park/Campground]( "Rondout Valley RV Campground") was great for us newbies. The gentleman who checked us in after hours, named Richard, helped us back up into the spot and hook up the sewer and grey water. We were grateful for the help and information. The site itself was beautiful! We backed to a small creek which we listened to throughout the night and had a fair amount of space between us and the two neighbors. The park had a pretty strict 5 MPH driving limit which seemed to keep the dust down. The only difficulty was the lack of parent and camp ground control over a large group of unruly teenage boys that appeared every evening after dark directly across from our site. The boys we very loud (throwing a ball into the slide repeatedly, screaming and swearing, etc.) until 11 PM every night. At least it stopped at “quiet time”.
[![This was the stream behind our RV site. ](]( was the stream behind our RV site.
Near the campground was the Roosevelt Property and the Vanderbilt Property which offered tours (for a fee). We took advantage of the FDR tour including his home and library; it was great! Other than that, there were a couple preserves which charged fees for entrance, golf, wine and beer tastings, etc that was near the RV park… but we spent most of our time sleeping in, hanging with our girls in the RV, walking through the campground with our dogs, sitting at the pool, and hanging at the fire-pit. The roadside stands had amazing fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc and were really great. The other highlight of this leg of our trip, very sadly, was the [Marbletown Animal Hospital]( "Marbletown Animal Hospital") for our cat, Rhyo. She suffered from renal disease for several years and we were only able to take a vacation this summer because we had the RV and could bring her with us. We were lucky to find a great veterinarian office that squeezed us in at the last minute and gave her pain medication so she could die in her bed with us. She was an awesome cat and we are grateful to Dr. Page and the rest of the staff at Marbletown for helping her pass on as comfortably as possible. We love and miss her.
[![During Rhyo's final days she slept under the open window listening to the stream on our bed.](]( Rhyo’s final days she slept under the open window listening to the stream on our bed.