From Trinidad to Coos Bay to Bend

What an amazing few days we’ve had! We left Trinidad and went north on 101. There was a beach, pretty deserted and huge… The morning was mostly overcast due to fog off the ocean and the sand was black, coarse and fun to play in!

imageKona digging around

imageLong leash walking

imageThis bone was buried and retrieved many times this morning

imageFoggy beaches

After this super fun (especially for the doggies) stop we were on our way to Coos Bay in Oregon.

imageLand bridge to the RV Park

We drive about 4 hours to arrive in a great park,  Osprey Point, where we parked at the edge of Ten Mile Lake and only went sight seeing as far as the docks and the pizza shop on property! A relaxing evening outdoors.

imageThe lake

imageThe docks

imageLong, beautiful sunset masked in the clouds

From here, the following morning, we drove east to Crater Lake. We only had time for a quick stop, as our destination was Bend. The park rim drive was amazing… We only did a little bit of it since we had the RV with the car in tow. We don’t like to have to unhook the car to turn around so we try to be careful about where we go (can’t back up with the car on the tow dolly… A reason to buy and new car… Another story for later). There was a fire burning in the not too far off, it was away from the lake and we heard that it was under control. This trip has been full of weird, extreme weather. Flooding in Texas and such dry conditions further north.

imageNorth rim of Crater Lake

imageMore rim...

imageFinal rim shot. So awesome.

Then we were off to Bend. About another hour and a half to the three night destination. Here I sit, outside of Chow, waiting for a table for brunch! We’ve had a fun time here as well. We’ve beer tasted (it’s their festival and so we need to taste at 12 places… Three down and nine to go), we’ve hiked all over the local paths and National Park areas like Pilot Butte and Deschutes. We shopped in the Old Mill and dined at the coolest food truck, beer tent I think I’ve ever seen! Heated benches under a roof, for cold months, food trucks around the perimeter, and lots of local brew on tap. Yum-fun!

imageOld school turned hotel/brewery/soaking pool

imageLaying on the shore to get a drink

imageThis morning's hike

imageMore morning hike... Deschutes!

Later today we will see the lava caves and dine on a rooftop to watch the sun set! Will post more photos later!!