Initial Changes

Prior to going on our trip we brought the RV back to our home and parked in the driveway so we could load it up AND get some much needed storage containers for the different interior compartments. As we continue I know we will be adding to and changing with our needs but we needed some basics from the start. I’ll list some things here and post a new page with photos so you can see what we did. We’ve also practiced “less is more” now for several years because we want to get to the point where all our belongings will fit into the RV!


Storage in the bedroom: felt hangers-grips the cloths, small fans that fit on the narrow windowsills so we can get fresh air in or stale air out, expandable hamper, and baskets/boxes to the right size to hold photos and cat medications in and out of the cabinets.

Storage in the hall/linen closet: cut the tops off small and medium size gift bags to hold pet treats, sunscreen, bug spray, etc without things bouncing around in the cabinets, small baskets from Target for the enzyme toilet treatment and laundry detergent, bought a Makita vacuum and store it and the battery charger, a gift bag to hold plastic bags, and a hook to hang a bag with the cat litter scoop.

Storage in the bathroom: stack-able/snap plastic containers for everything from makeup to q-tips, other larger plastic containers to stand lotion and other larger containers in, two zip-ties hooked together to be just large enough to fit over the handles without letting them pop open when driving. We leave all the shower stuff on the shower floor when we drive.

Storage in the kitchen: kept boxes from when we bought new drinking glasses with the dividers and use these in drawers to hold coffee mugs, wine glasses and glasses, plastic gift sized bag for oils in the drawer, bought the square-ish shaped Corelle dishes, inexpensive small plastic baskets for silverware, glass Pyrex containers with tops, compact strainer, measuring spoons and a basket under the sink for cleaning supplies. Also in the refrigerator we bought several inexpensive plastic dish tubs to keep our stuff organized and from moving around when driving. Important tools in our kitchen include: immersion blender, juicer, small crock-pot, pressure cooker and an electric kettle. For the pet food we bought plastic containers with lids with size in mind so we could keep a couple weeks worth of food inside the kitchen without taking up too much space.

Storage in the living room or dinette area includes some kitchen spillover- the nice wine bags (cloth that generally hold 6 bottles) are being used to hold wine and liquor bottles in the narrow cupboards and the important papers are in plastic binder sleeves inside binders in another narrow cupboard. We keep laptops and other cords in the back of the driver and passenger seats.

Cats: When driving we keep all cat stuff (including the cats) in the bathroom. When parked the covered cat box and the litter rug sit adjacent to the passenger seat so the dogs don’t have access. We also have a wire biter (our cat) so we covered the wires below the steering column with laminate flooring (cut to size and stuck in there) to prevent these from being chewed. The soft dash at the front we covered with laminate flooring cut to the right shape and size. We will be buying plastic wire wrap to protect the wired for the slides and the captains chair.

Part 1:We drove to Blairsville, PA from our home in Arlington, VA (about 220 miles and 3 1/2 hours without traffic) for Andrew’s family reunion/cousin’s high school graduation party. We stopped at the Debnar’s Pool and Spa store to see his family and fill our water tank to 2/3 once there. Then we continued a couple more miles to his uncle’s property where we were staying and visiting.