Love northern CA

imageFrom Trinidad in the early, cloudy morning

Coffee in hand we met a cool guy, Tony, who told us all about the area as we sipped coffee from the Eatery. This area is quiet and friendly; reminds us of the coastal area of Maine.
Later we hiked through some redwoods.  Wow.

imageNot sure this one was 300 feet tall, but it seemed like it!

imageView of the forest from the forest

Then we ate at the Beachcomber Cafe where we had local brew and awesome paninis and soup. The brew was so good we decided to head out to the brewery about 20 miles south. Redwood Curtain had a lot to choose from so I had a sour beer and Andrew a bourbon barrel barley beer (say that five times). Delicious! While there, met a few other friendly beer minded folk who recommended more places to try in Reno, when there again, as well as places in Bend, OR… A near future stop! Yay!!
Time for a nap before we star-gaze…