Mount Pocono for the October foliage

Knowing we would need to get away this fall we decided that a trip north before the snow was in order. We had never been to the Poconos and decided this could be a fun get away!

We waited till the last-minute to book, so that we could go when the leaves were near peak! We didn’t want to plan too far in advance and miss the foliage.

We packed up Thursday night, getting the RV from our storage place 40 minutes south and planned to pull out of the driveway before 4:00-the time our guests were checking in. As usual it was a hurried trip home and I frantically cleaned the house for the guests (we like to leave little evidence of dogs and cats)! We packed the pets and the refrigerator and drove away without incident! On a previous trip we bumped the downspout on the porch and ripped half the gutter off! Not this time. Smooth sailing.

We planned to park down from our house in front of the cement factory where their trucks sit in the street all the time. We were lucky to find space so that we could hang out and wait for the DC traffic to dissipate. We love sushi, and decided to pop down to Bonsai in Shirlinigton to get dinner and coffee from Peet’s. Once back to our RV we ate, watching the local news and then hooked up the car to the dolly. This time we took Andrew’s Hyundai Elantra since we had so much trouble with my car’s front wheels not locking and it coming un-strapped from the dolly.   We walked the dogs through our neighborhood and went on our way.

The GPS said it was a 4 hour commute, and it was, until we stopped for gas. We drove through rain for most of the trip, but without traffic it was okay. We stopped for gas once arriving near our destination. The plan was drive up late, arrive around midnight, sleep at a local Walmart, shower and whatnot in the AM and then check out a local park before checking in at the Mount Pocono Campground. Well, Andrew pumped $150 in gas, then had to call the credit card company even though we were told we no longer needed to do this.  Then he pumped the rest… got back in and turned the key-NOTHING! No lights on the dash, no sounds of a motor, nothing. He fiddled with a few things hoping it was just that he was tired and forgot something. Nothing worked. We scrambled and got out the paperwork, and found the emergency number for Thor Chassis, we called, gave them the VIN, briefly described the problems, and began receiving instructions! We were out in the rain, me holding the umbrella and the compartment door open. Andrew checking screws and pushing fuses tighter or back into place. Then back into the RV and it started! Who knew?!? Evidently the front of the RV gets power from the back which is through these little fuses. They evidently shook loose on the not so smooth highways we drive. Now we have one more thing to check before every trip! We wouldn’t want to lose power up front when we are on the highway!

[![This compartment is at the rear passenger side of the RV.](]( compartment is at the rear passenger side of the RV.
[![These are the cables Andrew needed to "re-seat" or tighten.](]( are the cables Andrew needed to “re-seat” or tighten.
So, the 4 hour trip was extended an hour and a half with the gas pump/credit card issue and then the fuse issue. After pulling out of the gas station, Pilot, we went to the closest Walmart where the app we use, [RVparky]( "RV Parky"), said we could park. Andrew popped in to see the manager to let her know we would be in the lot. He was told we could not park there because the police would ticket us. OKAY, there were semi trucks parked there, but we didn’t want to risk it. I called two other Walmarts each about 30 minutes away to see if we could park there. Neither was open. Then I google searched the one in Taylor, PA and a site I found had a post that someone asked a police officer in July if it was acceptable to park and he was told yes. So, we went to Taylor. It was a really nice lot to park in. It is 20 feet below the adjacent street and had a beautiful vie of the city below. It was beautiful at night (3:00 AM when we finally arrived) and more beautiful by day with the colors of the trees! So, the four-hour trip tuned into nearly 8 hours but we are in PA, safe and sound! Now to kick back and enjoy the fall foliage!
[![Mount Pocono Campground](]( Pocono Campground