Mount Pocono Part 2

We loved the RV park, Mount Pocono Campground, because it backed to a public nature trail with a cool old stone house and a stream. There were also little ponds where dogs are able to swim (except our dogs don’t like water).

I love PA's fall foliage!I love PA’s fall foliage!

We went for a hike at the local state park and enjoyed the cool weather and sunshine.

The small shrubs were a pink-red and stunning!The small shrubs were a pink-red and stunning!

Cool beetleCool beetle

Andrew also spent some time cleaning the RV with Wash Wax All. He spent quite a bit of time, over two days, cleaning the whole RV! But, the cool part was it required no water and really worked well to get the baked on bugs off. Andrew bought the whole package, I’m not sure how necessary that is, and used the pole and the scrubby component the most.

Waterless RV wash!Waterless RV wash!

We really enjoyed our trip here, ate at a couple local places that were pretty good and were very careful about my gluten-free requests, had a few hikes a no drive to a short drive away, and were generally just impressed with the renovations and upkeep of Mount Pocono Campground. We marked it as a favorite on RVParky and hope to go back in the Spring or fall of 2015!