After research, we want a 2015 Thor Palazzo 35.1

We decided to purchase a 2015 Thor Palazzo 35.1. After a less than positive experience at the MD dealer and a few phone calls to Camping World in Roanoke, VA (the first place we were going to test drive) we made an offer there. The same price as the 2014 and a pickup date of August! This is a better deal for us: it’s not been sitting on a dealer lot for a year (with the slide-outs opened), it has a larger engine, I personally like the fabric colors better (taupe with more green than brown hues), and it’s THE SAME PRICE.

Also, the RV that was going to be gone by Monday if we didn’t leave a deposit… not true. We were contacted twice over a week later by the initial salesman in MD to see if we were interested. No thanks. We then saw the RV we test drove, the only 2014 left on their lot (according to them), posted on their website as a 2015! WHAT?!? Obviously not a reputable dealer at all. For those looking to purchase an RV, do your research and listen to your gut. We didn’t like the salesman hand-off and we didn’t like the high pressure sale. I’m glad we walked.

So, now the waiting begins. In the meantime, we are looking at RV Storage Lots in Prince William, RV driving classes, and car dollies/trailers for the RV. So the research is not over yet!

PS We did not buy this RV either! We were all set to go, and were working with the loan officer. We were told all needed to be in order by a particular date (four week days and six days total) so we could keep the low interest rate. Great! We pulled our paperwork together and called and left two messages. Then Andrew sent an email. Then the date passed and we began contacting the salesman and the manager. There was nothing they could do but we were not going to have to pay too much more with the new interest rate, so we should just finish the sale. What?!? Your dealership could not be bothered to complete the sale so we could have the better interest rate but we should just buy the RV anyway? I don’t think so! So, this new life change, this huge deal and change of mindset was beginning to look like a mistake… next steps?