RV Test Drive...

We had plans but it didn’t work out! Living in Northern Virginia we have a bit of traffic and the planned RV test drive for Saturday fell through. First of all, when planning to test drive you MUST schedule an appointment! Unlike car dealers who are happy to take you out when you drop in; RV dealers expect you to make a reservation. This is likely to be sure that you are serious about buying. So, this past weekend we had an appointment to test drive but the RV dealer was 3 hours away. With traffic on Saturday it was over a 4 hour drive (one direction) so we had to pass up the opportunity. Instead we decided to drive an hour into Maryland and see what we could get done there.

The RV dealer we went to was open until 4:00 and they were willing to show us the RVs we were interested in and so we took advantage of that! We went from RV to RV. We focused on diesel pushers for several reasons including our understanding of gas mileage, and ability to have a quiet and easier drive in mountains (where we plan to spend some time). We saw several floor plans and ultimately decided that our first instinct about the Thor Palazzo 35.1 was spot on for a few reasons. First being interior storage in the bedroom. We need a nice hanging closet for our cloths when we are living there full time. We saw other Thor models as well as Winnebago and other makes and models but none met this storage qualification. We also must have a washer and dryer space-if it is not already standard. Two dogs can make a mess and we need an easy way to get towels and blankets cleaned without having to store a bunch of dirty items in the RV. Another perk of the 35.1 Palazzo is the living room TV is directly across from the sofa, rises out of a counter so it’s not always in your living space, and there is no booth dinette. This is perfect for our style of TV viewing as well as the need for little dining room seating. This arrangement might not be best for a family or those that eat at the dining room table… but we normally eat on the sofa with our feet up at the end of a busy day! So, with the smaller living room space perfectly organized, plenty of kitchen cabinets and a pantry/coat closet near the door, a large bedroom closet in addition to a washer and dryer we knew this was the floor plan for us!

2014 35.12014 35.1



Now that we spent nearly an hour going from RV to RV and looking at outdoor kitchens, huge living rooms, no washers and dryers, two bathrooms, etc. we knew that one floor plan met our needs! We were ready to test drive and the dealership was closing! So, we made an appointment for this weekend to test drive there.

While there, we overheard an important piece of advice… in VA each county charges different % of tax for an RV. The county where we live charges 5% of the value of the RV per year! That’s about $8,000 per year in taxes alone! WHAT!?! So! We did some digging and found that Prince William County does not charge an annual tax for RVs. According to our research, RV owners from across the state rent space in one of many RV storage facilities and then use this address when purchasing the RV. It is where the RV will be kept/stored. This way we will spend about $1,200 storing our RV and we will be supporting a local business. Honestly, living in Arlington, we don’t have the driveway space to store it anyway! Best option all around!