Test Drive!

Okay, so we went back to the MD dealer who very kindly showed us around because he put in the time so we figured we’d try to buy there… if the price was right.

As I previously shared, appointments are mandatory for a test drive! Ours was for 9:00 AM on a Saturday because of the crazy traffic in this Metro DC area. We arrived a little early and within minutes we were in the 2014 Palazzo 35.1 with our salesman and another employee who does all the test drives for the dealer. He showed us how things work, drove us to a parking lot with curbs and let my husband take over. I am going to learn to drive the RV, but not in front of my husband and two other critics! I’ll be taking driving classes. More on that later.

Andrew was able to easily use the mirrors to keep track of the back wheels and drove all around the lot. Then he practiced backing up and did so well he was allowed to take it back to the dealer. Wow! He’s a natural RV driver! It was also fun to be in the RV on the road. With the motor in the back it’s a pretty quiet ride considering it’s a huge diesel engine! We also noticed that some drawers and cabinets popped open during the drive. I’ll be looking into the best ways to keep those secure when we own our RV. With the slide-outs pulled in I expected the RV to be very tight-and it was. But there was plenty of space to move around.  Our dog beds will fit in the space in front of the sofa and the bathroom and bedroom are accessible too!

We were quite happy with the drive and then went back to talk some numbers. We are always prepared with research. With the Internet at our fingertips we knew the price of other 2014s from RV Direct as well as other dealers in our area. We knew also that there are different warranties offered by different dealers. We also knew the deals available on 2015s that are coming out this summer. So, with our research we were ready to negotiate! That’s when our salesman said we had to negotiate with the head of sales. Okay-we liked our salesman but he was evidently too new to sell to us? We were escorted to an office with a very loud and aggressive salesman. Not really our style. He proceeded to tell us all about the perks of buying with them-sounded reasonable. He then went on to tell us the price he was offering. We started negotiations. He was unable to do anything with the price unless we put a down payment today. We discussed more and he was able to give a small discount until Monday IF we put down a healthy deposit. Um… NO. He then told us that it was the last 35.1 on the lot and that it’d likely be gone by Monday. We walked away saying we’d think about it and discuss it. We went back to our car and did that for a while. We decided we didn’t like the price (or the hard sell BS) and that we could actually get a 2015 for the same price as the 2014 if we waited until August for pickup. Decision made. We informed our salesman and left.

PS: Over the next several weeks we were contacted by our original salesman. The RV was still there. Too late, we are not interested in dealing with pressure sales and having bad feelings around such a huge purchase! So, buyers, don’t let the dealer pressure you into ridiculous down payments until you are sure it is the RV for you!