The big purge

Our future includes weekend trips to Hot Springs like this one. This is more motivation to get rid of the stuff!

With the days counting down (130 to go) we are slowly selling and giving our furniture and other belongings away. It is a good feeling to photograph things, post them on craigslist and then delete the posts after making money! We will continue this process, slowly, until it is all gone. We have a friend buying the TV which we wouldn’t give up until June and she’s good enough to wait! Everything else can go… well, except our bed! But who wants a beat up old bed anyway?

The plan for the final small stuff is to drag it outside and let people come and take it!

The house is a different story. We decided to try and rent to a military family so we plan to post to We are also open to rent to friends or friends of friends if anyone knows someone interested in a three bedroom, two bath house in South Arlington! The house is 4 years old and will be available on July 1st.