The Palazzo purchase

Our Palazzo is the 35.1. We decided on this floor plan after considering what we were really going to want out of an RV for full time living! We planned ahead, practiced living in this new small space for two solid months and figured out how to make it work for us!

First priority for us was living space for two adults, a cat, and two 50 lb. dogs. Storage for clothing, dishes, food, dog beds and linens are well placed in this smart floor plan. We were not thinking of kids, wet bathing suits, or family dinners-which might not work well in this RV. After looking at different models online and at the dealer it seems there is a floor plan to fit any and all lifestyles!

Then consideration of the other ways we live. We both LOVE to be outdoors, so an awning protecting the door and a seating space seemed a perfect way for us to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of a day. Since my husband will be working full time, and I have no idea what I’ll be doing yet, we need to have a place for me to possibly “work from home.” I figure the passenger seat is actually perfect for this and it will often have a fabulous view!

The bathroom has a good sized shower although the toilet and sink are tiny and will need to be replaced. The kitchen has a full size refrigerator, a nice sink and reasonable cooktop. The countertop space is small but it should be okay once I learn how to use the space. I don’t really like the convection/microwave oven and so that will need to be addressed too. This Palazzo has a washer and dryer just outside the bedroom. The bedroom door is a slider to save space and the floor in the main living space is linoleum -easy on the joints and back and less weight than tile for gas savings. The under-storage is pretty large and the hookups are easy to access.

We don’t plan on having pepole stay in the RV with us but it does have a sofa bed and a “loft area” over the driver and passenger seat to accomodate a couple visitors.

Interior colorsInterior colors

Exterior colorsExterior colors

The colors we decided on were a quick and easy choice (it helps that there are only a few choices). We have renovated two homes and built the one we currently live in and every time the colors we choose are the same! So, the exterior is Boardwalk (I really wanted a slightly darker exterior-but it was not available at the dealer we finally bought from), the interior upholstery is the soft greens and taupe of Mountain Sands and the warm dark cabinetry in Olympic Cherry. These colors give us room for change and play with linens and small pieces of art inside our new home!

Brief RV Trip Descriptions and Newbie Lessons

*First official trip in the RV! July- August 2014 (16 nights)