Our Story

[vcrow][vccolumn][vccolumntext cssanimation=”bottom-to-top”]     We are Andrew and Lara and we live in our RV full time! Andrew works at CustomInk and after a summer of RV travel and spending a lot of time at remote offices his managers think this is a great idea. Lara is officially unemployed after a 16 year teaching career and we are now Texans!                           Where are we coming from? We have been married for nearly 16 years and together since the age of 19. We grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY and decided to move to Northern VA 17 years ago. We became adults together and discovered we both love to travel. When we travel we love to check out the local neighborhoods, food, and entertainment. We enjoy the ocean but we also like the mountains, the forests, and the deserts too! Travel is great fun but we both miss home soon after leaving. We also discovered the joy of giving away all the things we don’t need anymore. Less is more and we are ready to have a very long adventure together![/vccolumntext][/vccolumn][/vcrow][vcrow][vccolumn][vcmasonrygrid posttype=”post” maxitems=”3″ gridid=”vcgid:1471608276214-ff755930-edf1-0″][/vccolumn][/vcrow][vcrow][vccolumn][vccolumn_text]