VA to TX in less than two days!

We rushed home from work on Friday and cleaned out the house for our Airbnb guests (we do this to afford our vacations). We packed the RV the weekend before with water and most of our personal belongings that we didn’t need for the week. So, Friday we packed the dirty cloths, some items from the refrigerator and bathroom and drove both cars with dogs and cat to Woodbridge where we keep our RV in storage.

By 7:30 we were driving in our Thor Palazzo south on I95… and were on our way for the summer adventure! We decided to practice full-time life this summer since I have over two months off from work and since Andrew can work in Flower Mound, TX and Reno, NV… He works for a company that often flies him to the remote offices, we are saving airfare and hotels this way!

Friday was a tough drive, since we all know the last day of school is when many head out of town we sat in quite a bit of traffic and only made three hours of the total 21 even though we were on the road for nearly six! We drove 318 miles and got 9.5 mpg with full water tank and every closet and cabinet full of our stuff. We were up and down the mountains of the Appalachia and happily not using more diesel than usual!

After sleeping at a Flying J, and having difficulty doing that due to soooo many trucks already stopped, we got on our way around 9:30 ( we had Denny’s breakfast and they had pretty slow service). At 10:25 we reached the Tennessee border and an hour later we were in rains and wind from the storm that hit Texas Tuesday, earlier in the week. Not fun driving a huge wall of a vehicle when the winds are whipping. But we kept on! By 10:30 PM we pulled into another Flying J in Texarcana. We had driven 1167 miles in 19 1/2 hours and averaged 9.4 MPG. Most of the trip was 70 MPH and that’s what Andrew did as much as weather and traffic permitted.

Sunday morning we were up and on our way to Arlington, TX to Treetops CarefreeRV. Unfortunately, we were so quick to get the jacks down we forgot to get the last of the trip info! But basically, we had between 9 and 10 MPG all the way out and were driving both hills and faster than ideal for fuel efficiency. The route was guided by an app, smart rv route. It’s a paid app and with a 12.1 foot RV it was helpful to avoid underpasses and bridges that could cause us problems!

[![A view when looking up!](]( view when looking up!
We arrived pretty early and were able to check in! Carefree had a gentleman guide us to our spot and helped us back in. We met both neighbors and they are full timers and still working. Pretty cool! They are already living our dream!! Gigi enjoys the mornings sitting in the dirt and rocks!
[![Just keeping cool!](]( keeping cool!