We are gone!!

My last day was yesterday… bitter sweet. Many of my co-workers have become like family and I know I’ll miss teaching but my new adventure is here and I’m so excited! As an already retired friend said this AM, “No more alarm clock if I don’t want one!”

[![image](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905275140.jpg?w=640 "wp-1466905275140")](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905275140.jpg)Best class ever! Waiting for the buses...
So after selling the house and moving into the RV, about a week and a half ago, Andrew worked from the passenger seat and I drove into Arlington from Pohick Bay Park near Rt 1. It is a really pretty park and had electric only hook ups as well as full. We did a little of both since we didn’t book a spot early enough to get full hookups (we don’t have solar panels yet and needing to be showered and ready for work I was not really willing to experiment with how long we can go with a single fresh water tank). [![image](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466904842050.jpg?w=640 "wp-1466904842050")](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466904842050.jpg) This shot was taken from one of the many short trails where we walked the girls several times a day. I think this will be our home when we are back in NoVa this fall! Our jeep and RV are directly across the way. Now that my career is finished, at least my first career, we are on the road! Andrew will get some well deserved time off without Internet or phone access (we hope) for two weeks! This trip to Yellowstone National Park was scheduled before I decided to quit. I’m really excited to be in the park for the second time and for Andrew to have a tech detox!!
[![image](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905163022.jpg?w=640 "wp-1466905163022")](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905163022.jpg)Ready with flowers and snacks!
[![image](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905195608.jpg?w=640 "wp-1466905195608")](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905195608.jpg)Our Saturday night!
A year ago today we had a house, two cars, two careers and were on a trip around the country in our RV. Today we live in our RV, have one car, one career and have new opportunities for relaxation, excitement, joy, challenges and adventure as a constant (really everyone does… it is all perspective)! We are so grateful for our life😃
[![image](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905737755.jpg?w=640 "wp-1466905737755")](https://liveloverv.com/content/images/uploads/2016/06/wp-1466905737755.jpg)Route to Badlands National Park is plotted and we are enjoying a cold beer!