Winter Changes

Although we are parked in Holly Acres for the winter the RV experience is just getting revved up!  I’m leaving my teaching career, after 16 years I’ve had enough and I’m ready to take my life on the road with Andrew! As of June 24, 2016 we’ll be full timers and official residents of Texas! This is all possible since Customink has offices across the US and Andrew and the company benefits from him spending large chunks of time in each. I’ve yet to decide what I’ll do. I figure I’ll leave all options open and wait and see!!

Now knowing how soon all this will be occurring we have a lot of things to get done in the next six months. Projects on the interior of the RV, emptying our home in Arlington of all our belongings, getting our financial stuff in order, etc. The RV list includes a new sink in the bathroom (the one that was in there was ridiculously small), a shelf over the stove to hold the new toaster oven (we ripped the convection oven out), wine racks, and figuring out how to make all the creature comforts work (better mattress, a cart for recycling and extra counter space, etc).

Projects completed in the last month included Andrew tightening up the exterior frame of the RV. As crazy as it sounds we were getting road water and whatnot into the under storage compartments. He emptied each climbed in and screwed the frame to the body all over! Last step will be caulking in the cracks, but that’ll wait till warmer weather.

He also bought extra fuses, and tools to work on all that. As you may have read previously on our first summer of fun we had some issues with electronic connections and the steering column. In addition he bought tools for oil changes, and new containers to hold all these things in an organized way.

We traded in the Elantra for a Jeep that can be flat towed. This makes hooking up to the RV safer and easier! The Jeep doesn’t need to be turned on every hundred miles or so like a regular car does when flat towed. It also makes the towing experience easier for us because there is no tow dolly to deal with. I’ll post more about this later because  it is really great. Andrew also thinks that we now must live the Jeep lifestyle so we will be taking off-road driving lessons in March! Fun!!

On the home front we are posting and selling all our furniture on Craigslist. Not for as much as we should probably get for it but we want it out and we don’t want to move it ourselves! I continue to purge clothes, shoes, coats, etc. Andrew is going through the shed and cleaning and organizing tools and other items that’ll stay stored there. We are drinking our stash of wine from under the house (we have a heated and cooled crawl space) and cancelled all our Napa memberships. Sniff, sniff.

In any case, we have a general plan and we are doing little projects to get to the goal of June!

PS if you know anyone interested in renting a three bedroom, two bathroom home in Arlington, it’ll be freshly painted and available July 1! We will be taking applications????