29 days to move out!

I’m home from work while the “Radon Fixers” vent the crawl space so it’ll pass inspection. One of the many hoops we’ve had to jump through to sell this house. After an offer falling through, we are hoping this one sticks so we can get on with it!
If all goes as planned in 29 days we are going to sell the house and be official “Full timers.”
Our first stop is here in VA because I still have to work! After the school year ends on June 24th we will start our vacation on the road Yellowstone. I look forward to the vacation and the beginning of our new lifestyle. After soaking in nature for a couple weeks (off the wifi and cell phone grid) we will drive through the Tetons, Colorado and eventually end up in Texas where we will become Texans! After that we thought we had a plan but it seems CustomInk may need Andrew in CA for a bit so we shall see!
Andrew is prepping his new boots for the weekend motorcycle lessons and researching the best hookups for the back of the RV. Now we are thinking our RV will be driven with a platform/hitch thing for the motorcycle, and finally the Jeep in back. The list of Andrew’s toys keeps growing! He also has a special bike rack for the two bikes he has and wants to bring along. I may be adding a bicycle of my own at some point. We’ll see. I normally prefer walking with the girls!
The house is coming along. We have a few more pieces of furniture to be picked up and a couple items we want to try and sell. Other than that the closet and dresser items are all pared down and ready for the final move. The artwork is downsized into small matless frames so that it should all have a home on the walls of our new home. Also, we added a built-in wine rack, new bathroom sink and a couple other minor upgrades in the RV that I’ll have to share more about later. Another trip to my parent’s with things they want and we will be pretty set to go! I loved living in this house. The floor plan and windows with the natural light have been the best! But, the small home we will be living in will give us flexibility and opportunities we can only experience a couple months of the year now.