Jeep and motorcycle

Andrew did a lot of research online to select the perfect tow for the RV. We saw many flat-towing rather than using a tow dolly and we were interested in that as an option. Using the sites below and many others Andrew decided a Jeep was our best option.


Good Sam

The Kar Kaddy/tow dolly was a pain and, since our current cars were damaged by towing them previously, we wanted to make the change. Andrew wanted a vehicle that could be disengaged as we drove so the transmission would not be affected. If we were to tow most vehicles we’d have to stop every couple hundred miles just to turn it on and get fluid into the transmission. When flat towing most vehicles’ transmissions move and because the engine is not actually running the parts within are not kept lubricated. Not good.
The Jeep idea also fit Andrew’s “need” for off road driving. It’s something he’s wanted to do for quite a while.

Another bummer… it takes up random space when at a camp site…

We wanted to be smart off road drivers so we took a class up in PA. A couple of his coworkers also have Jeeps so they joined us for the trip. It was a long day in the Jeep but really fun. Rausch Creek Off-Road Park was excellent. Safety was always primary and our instructor told us this, repeatedly. There were probably 20 or so Jeeps and we all had walkie-talkies so we could hear his lesson as he demoed in his Jeep. Then, one at a time, we each had the opportunity to play. So much fun!!!

So, when we bought the used Jeep we traded Andrew’s Elantra. As a part of us selling and giving away almost everything we owned we sold my Hundai Veloster to Carmax. That was mid June… Now it is July and we have replaced the two car situation with a motorcycle. Yep, we still felt like two vehicles was the way to go since half the time or more we will be living in places where Andrew will go to work all day. With only the Jeep, that left me driving him to and from work or staying in the RV park all day… it was fine when we were vacationing last summer but it didn’t seem like the best option now that we are full time. Also, Andrew really, really, really, REALLY wanted a motorcycle. So now he has an Indian Scout. We bought it last Wednesday and had the lift put on the RV last Thursday.

Andrew did a lot of research about motorcycles and about how to get it around while still towing the Jeep. He found Cruiserlift which could be installed right onto the back of the RV. Then he found Jon Wickham & Associates here  in Texas to do the installation. This required welding skills and was a two day job. First we had to be measured. This only took 20 minutes but we did need to take the RV to his shop. Then, two days later we went back for the installation. He estimated that it would take 3-4 hours, but it took much longer! We arrived at 8 AM and didn’t leave until 4 PM! Jon and his team were really polite and professional and had no problem with us hanging in the RV while they worked since Andrew also needed to work and the dogs don’t do well out and about in 100 degree weather for very long! 

Cool old truck in the yard.

This is a pretty cool rig at this point. We have the 35 foot RV, a motorcycle lift, a long tow extension and the Jeep with a bike rack on the back. Good thing we have the rear and side cameras to help us keep track of the toys as we move! Next addition is another extension to the back of the Cruiserlift so the bikes can be left on the RV and not moved on and off the back of the Jeep.

The whole tow!