Great Dunes National Park

Play time in the biggest sandbox we’ve been in!

What a fantastic park in the Southeast part of Colorado! We arrived on Tuesday and stayed through Sunday. Being late October at an elevation over 8,000 feet we had 20 degree nights and 60 degree days. We stayed at Pinon Campground inside the park which has only a few spots big enough for a rig our size. We got one! 

We were able to hike to the summit of the dunes (about 750 feet) and were still dwarfed by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. On another day we drove off into the back country which took us up into the mountains. What an amazing drive over slippery sand dunes, through many stream crossings and the forest. It took about three hours up and over and we decided to end the trip back out to the highway. We did experience one night of insane winds but for the most part our time in the park was sunny and full of play time. Well, after Andrew worked all day we played!

About half way up the dunes. What a climb!

Next time we are through the area we’d like to spend some time at the State park and see the wetlands that are the final piece of the puzzle that make this mountains, sand dunes, wetlands area so unique. The snow gathers in the mountains and when it melts in the spring and summer the streams carry sand back down to the base of the dunes. Here the wind whips and drives the sand back up to sculpt the dunes. The streams continue out to the lower lying areas and the wetlands are created. Pretty awesome!

Mountain drive.

Another little hike we took was outside the park to Zapata Falls. We wandered and tiptoed over stones in the stream and through a cave to see it. So worth getting wet by the cold water. We stood under the mist for a while…


Good night!

Hot Springs trip

We left our learning experience and headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a quick overnight visit. It was a nice stop and I describe a lot more about the National Park on our Hot Springs page and National Park page. Here I want to share some photos from the hike. We got to spend a lot of time in the woods and next to the stream in our campground. I also got to get a bunch of laundry done since we had full hookup! Yay for the simple and mundane! 

Love purple ????
This is from the tour in the Visitor Center. The stain glass is all original in this very expensive building.

Loved this tree on the hike.
This is the beautiful stream that runs behind the RV.

Workamper Rendezvous!

What a cool learning experience! We became members of Workamper News about 6 months ago. I played around on the site and made a resume but didn’t do much else. I decided Andrew and I needed to learn more and when we saw the Rendezvous we knew that would be the best way for us to learn. This week has been great. We learned a lot and have decided to start our own business, get trained in basic RV maintenance and see what opportunities arise as a result of that! If nothing else we will know how to maintain and fix our own rig. 

Anyone want to learn more? Email me at!

Now we are off to Hot Springs National Park just a couple hours away!