Oh so much time has passed

I’m going to be a bit more shareful for a while (like my made-up word?). I have a bunch of renovation posts to make about practical kitchen drawers and insulation but here’s the short version of life since September.

We went to PA for a long weekend to see Andrew’s family in September. It was great as we park in his uncle’s yard and have easy visits from there.

We went to northern Virginia for a couple weeks for Andrew to work in the CustomInk office every day for a while. I was a hermit and hardly saw anyone and did some sewing.

We went to Charlottesville for a week, again for Andrew to work in that office.

We went to my parents’ house for a month and visited the crap out of them (they love seeing us as much as we love seeing them!!) We park in the driveway there. My sister visited again while we there so it was a great family reunion. Also while there we worked in the rig (future posts to include pics of the work).

We went back to Northern Virginia for more work for Andrew. We saw a few friends on this stop over.

We went to NC for Thanksgiving to visit with Andrew’s sister and her family. What an amazing cook!!

Then off to Florida for two days to get the window fixed after the place broke it when repairing a different broken seal last year. Ugh. No charge but a long way to get a window fixed.

Then straight to Dallas for Andrew to work in that office for a couple weeks.

Then straight to Reno because one of our rental houses there seems to have a tenant issue. Really it’s a landlord too flexible and forgiving issue but… Since they decided to break the lease we needed to get here ASAP. Luckily Sparks Marina RV had space for us. So, that’s where we are now. I’ll share more details later about the exciting stuff.

Right now we are enjoying a beer and early dinner at Great Basin Brewing Co. This is after our snowshoeing experience for the first time at Chickadee Ridge in the Mount Rose area!! Check us out! Bought the snowshoes at Costco for about $60 and then I got snow pants and boots (nope, I didn’t own those as I normally don’t do this sort of winter) at Sierra Trading Post here in Reno. I looked in a few thrift stores but couldn’t find boots or pants that fit. Probably the wrong time of year to find those, everyone else already scooped em up!