Sorry, we’re closed

Lake Mead: That’s our rig on the left. You can see we take social distancing seriously ?

That’s what we’ve been told by the park rangers at Lake Mead (through a sign, no personal contact) and Desert National Wildlife Preserve. We carefully selected a spot away from others at Lake Mead. We had a nice view of the lake. We enjoyed a couple nights, several walks/hikes through the dry part of the lake (there is an absurdly long boat ramp that leads to very dry ground-climate change) and to the lakeside. Then the weekend hit, lots of Vegas locals looking for fresh air came out to enjoy the space and then Monday we were told to be out on Wednesday. We left Monday.

Lake Mead: Notification that this park is closing.
Lake Mead: Dry lakebed walking.

Monday we found the Preserve, trying to stay somewhere warm, near Vegas. There was no signs or anything on the website about this park being closed so we figured it was a good spot. We parked on the side of the road for the night just inside the boundary and I scouted out an amazing little space further into the park so we moved in there and setup on Tuesday. Setup includes leveling, moving slides, rugs, cording the refrigerator closed/open, zip ties on some of the cabinet, etc. We are pretty stuff free and I’m pretty good at the process so it takes about 20 minutes to pack. Depending on how level the ground is it can take way longer or less than that to setup. Tuesday’s setup took quite a bit of manipulation to get level with all our tires on the ground, but I was done in under an hour.

Desert Preserve: We had even more space here for our social distancing… Until the ranger stopped by.

Tuesday night we were enjoying the sunset when the ranger came by to let us know we had to leave because the park was going to lock the gate Friday morning. We packed, again. We moved this time to the Great Dunes area. This is BLM land and we figured there is no gate so we should not be locked in or out! We are all alone; it is beautiful; we are continuing our quarantine! With luck we will be here for a couple weeks. That’ll make our quarantine three weeks long and then we will be certain we are healthy before heading back to a store somewhere to stock back up on tp and food.

Great Dune, Nevada
Great Dune: This is BLM living which is what I love the most!!! We are alone!

Mini garden

I love plants and gardens. Living in Palazzo means I had to give up a yard and garden to play in so I have a couple tiny plants that travel with us indoors. I also like to keep my husband’s few “keepsakes” and this is a fun way to do both. I drilled a little hole in the bottom of the mug and planted this cute little succulent.

The planter is sitting on my sewing cutting mat as I’ve been working on altering and repairing a bunch of thrift store finds and I’m starting a new set of fidget quilts. I do love this new butcher block counter!!

Sewing in real life

Dog walking and constantly talking…

We were out walking the dogs after I picked Andrew up from work. I’m wearing jeans I purchased at a thrift store in Heathsville, VA and finally lengthened this week. I recently learned that making denim is very energy and water intensive… Basically terrible for the environment. I’ve been a thrift store shopper for quite a while and with these facts now known to me I’ll be purchasing all my jeans from thrift stores going forward.

I’m wearing one of the shifts I’ve made since beginning to sew clothing for myself again. The pattern is Wiksten and is my favorite so far. This pattern is simple to follow and I have made mid length and short sleeve dresses and two different length tops. It’s meant to be loose and I think sizing down a bit is better for some of the materials I’ve used. This particular shift is one size down from the suggested size based on my measurements and I find it to be a perfect fit and still easy to get in and out of.