Meditation in this time…

This is an unusual time in our lives. If you’re like most people you’re locked down in your home or on your property and that can feel stressful and uncomfortable. There are many kinds of meditation techniques which you can try in addition to sitting on a pillow (although this is a great meditation, too). I’ll share some of my favorites!

My first and favorite go to is dance!!!! Literally. Put on your favorite music and dance. Slow swaying movements, jamming to pop, air punching, randomly flinging your body around, you name it. DO IT! Set time aside to dance every day. Even one song can make your body and mind feel sooo much better. Get your blood flowing and your lungs working.

Now, as you dance each day your focus can change. Your focus on yourself IS the meditation. At first you might be doing dance moves you’re familiar with or have done before. As days go by let yourself move in ways that are unfamiliar, rather than “look cool,” focus on “feel good,” and provide sensations in your joints and muscles. Notice what the movements are that feel good. Notice how different parts of your body feel. Notice if your feet move, hips move, are you only standing? Are your hands touching the floor? Are your knees? This is the meditation aspect of movement and dance! Notice how your body feels. Notice how your body wants to move. Do that!

Try closing your eyes. Dance with your eyes closed. Notice how your movements change. How do your emotions change? What are your emotions like before dancing? During? When different music plays? When you move in certain ways? After?

Play and enjoy the privacy and space of the quarantine! Try it with without music. Try it in a room alone. Try it with your kids. Dance with your cat and dog. If you have outdoor space, dance inside and out. Build this as a meditation practice that will last you long after the quarantine is over.

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