Nevada Sand Dune and Walker Lake

As stated before, we were shooed out of a couple national park spaces and after a couple weeks in the desert near the Big Dunes in Nevada in March 2020 (pandemic closures). We started to travel north expecting to be needed in Reno on the 24th to sign paperwork selling one of our rentals. We lost four buyers to job losses during the shutdown. That aside here are some of our favorite pictures from Nevada during our quarantine.

Big Dune, Nevada: horned lizard/horny toad
Big Dune, Nevada: Can you find the horned lizard!?
Big Dune, Nevada in March!!
Big Dune, Nevada: We didn’t get to play on the dunes but we did enjoy the views. We were taking the quarantine seriously, Andrew was furloughed and so we were watching our health and our spending (gas, possible injuries, etc). We will play next time!!
Walker Lake, Nevada: Sunrise
Walker Lake, Nevada: April full moon
Full moon close up
Walker Lake, Nevada
Walker Lake, Nevada: so many stunning skies
Walker Lake, Nevada: sunset
More sunset
Walker Lake, Nevada

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