Walmart stop number…

Another day, another Walmart… Or Bass Pro or Casio. Thank goodness for all these amazing business that allow us to stay overnight as we travel.

As we travel slowly towards VA, Andrew works all day and I drive between his meetings. Lately, they have been many and long, so we have made use of rest areas where the dogs and I walk for an hour or more sniffing every blade of grass and every tree. By night we look for stores and casinos that invite RVs and stay there. Normally we buy dinner or something to be sure we are not free loading but that’s become difficult in Covid time. So we are not buying something at every stop anymore. Someday we will have to make up for it.

Today was another short day of driving and then checking out the strange new noise the motor is making. Andrew takes apart the bedroom floor and looks into the engine area. We ran it for a while and I even stepped on the gas to see if we could recreate the noise. We were unsuccessful. Try again tomorrow!

Also, today I worked on a resume. Time for me to get something put together to get a work camper job. I’m hoping to find a place this winter. To get a job I’m told I need a resume with a selfie (not something I normally do) because the resume with my pic and a pic of the rig is very important. I’m not exactly sure of the reason for this, but there it is.

Would you hire me??