Two great table additions/replacements

We love flat surfaces for work, sewing, stacking piles of stuff, but when it’s time to pull in the slides we need those surfaces to disappear into a secure location!

BJURSTA Ikea drop leaf table: This is an awesome addition to our bedroom. When we removed the heavy built-in dressers for the closet redo we had space below the window for a table. I knew I wanted a table a little taller than standard because I am tall and it makes working on my laptop and sewing machine more comfortable. I also wanted a table that could be folded away and sturdy enough to handle the sewing machine (I learned the hard way that allowing the table to bounce when sewing actually ruins the timing on the machine).

This table is under 20 lbs, is installed just under the window so it’s a bit higher, the drop leaf is space saving when we pull in the slides AND the metal arm keeps it very sturdy when sewing! It’s also nice looking, I think.

Folding table from Walmart:

The second win was this folding table from Walmart. It’s advertised as a laptop table, and I’m sure it would work great for that but we have some other uses for it, too. We needed a table to eat on because the new recliners are where the original built-in dining table was. We wanted something light weight (we are always thinking gas mileage) and that we could store away for easy access.

This table is perfect since it’s a bit wider and deeper than a regular TV table. It has metal legs which makes it sturdy and it’s quite narrow when folded down so we store it behind the storage chest on the big slide. We use it everyday for dinner and also to hold our tablet for Netflix and YouTube watching.

New Year’s Casino Parking

On our way to Dallas, Texas from Florida we stopped at Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Like many casinos they allow RVers to park overnight for free. We planned to stay for two nights but when we woke on New Year’s Day we found we had been infested by ants! We did what we could to clean them up from inside and discovered they were setting up a nest by the large freshwater tank. Although we have patched many holes we keep discovering new ones thanks to the critters. This time we found that they were getting in through a gray conduit tube for electrical wires that runs from the back of the RV into the under compartment. So, we decided best bet was to move and so we drove an hour to a Walmart where we continued to clean out the ants from inside our RV and did some shopping.

We will spend the night here and tomorrow head out to a brewery that is a part of Harvest Host later in the morning.

In any case, we had a nice evening the night before (New Years Eve) at the small bar inside the casino with friendly locals. Being who we are, we were in bed by 10 p.m. and missed the fireworks and the other activities downtown. The casino is partially on land and partially on a boat that sits in the Mississippi River (see photos above). It was a rather small casino but was very nice inside and did not allow smoking in the building or boat. One man we met and spent a bit of time chatting with told us that he thought that was ridiculous that he should have to smoke outside since there is a Exxon Chemical Plant and a Refinery spewing “toast smelling” smoke into the air day and night a few blocks away. We had to agree with him on that.

The center photo on the right was taken from the parking lot looking across the Mississippi River. There were many barges and tugboats moving up and down the river. We hoped to check out some of the local restaurants and breweries but everything was closed due to the holidays. There were a number of coffee shops but we didn’t get to try any as we left in a pretty big hurry this morning. Other than the ants, it was a nice, low key way to bring in 2019!