Oh so much time has passed

I’m going to be a bit more shareful for a while (like my made-up word?). I have a bunch of renovation posts to make about practical kitchen drawers and insulation but here’s the short version of life since September.

We went to PA for a long weekend to see Andrew’s family in September. It was great as we park in his uncle’s yard and have easy visits from there.

We went to northern Virginia for a couple weeks for Andrew to work in the CustomInk office every day for a while. I was a hermit and hardly saw anyone and did some sewing.

We went to Charlottesville for a week, again for Andrew to work in that office.

We went to my parents’ house for a month and visited the crap out of them (they love seeing us as much as we love seeing them!!) We park in the driveway there. My sister visited again while we there so it was a great family reunion. Also while there we worked in the rig (future posts to include pics of the work).

We went back to Northern Virginia for more work for Andrew. We saw a few friends on this stop over.

We went to NC for Thanksgiving to visit with Andrew’s sister and her family. What an amazing cook!!

Then off to Florida for two days to get the window fixed after the place broke it when repairing a different broken seal last year. Ugh. No charge but a long way to get a window fixed.

Then straight to Dallas for Andrew to work in that office for a couple weeks.

Then straight to Reno because one of our rental houses there seems to have a tenant issue. Really it’s a landlord too flexible and forgiving issue but… Since they decided to break the lease we needed to get here ASAP. Luckily Sparks Marina RV had space for us. So, that’s where we are now. I’ll share more details later about the exciting stuff.

Right now we are enjoying a beer and early dinner at Great Basin Brewing Co. This is after our snowshoeing experience for the first time at Chickadee Ridge in the Mount Rose area!! Check us out! Bought the snowshoes at Costco for about $60 and then I got snow pants and boots (nope, I didn’t own those as I normally don’t do this sort of winter) at Sierra Trading Post here in Reno. I looked in a few thrift stores but couldn’t find boots or pants that fit. Probably the wrong time of year to find those, everyone else already scooped em up!

Quick Reno Trip and more Renovation!

After an amazing summer in the northwest we needed to get to Reno for Andrew’s office picnic and some work in the office. Turns out we needed to be here for other things, too! Our tenants had unwanted guests, wasps, so we headed there for a few treatments. While there we noticed a bunch of pigeon poop… Turns out they were living on the roof! So Andrew installed some spikes to convince them to move on.

Spike Installation

As I mentioned in a previous post we noticed some difficulty with our RV power running low and the refrigerator stealing an unusual amount. Turns out one of the batteries was faulty, one of the battery wires was not crimped tightly and fell apart when removing the batteries to test them and to top it off the refrigerator was surging to 80 amps even when it was not running to cool. Needless to say, we decided to have the batteries looked at, and as always Battle Born was great. The battery was under warranty and they re-crimped the wire. So now that’s back in action. We removed the refrigerator and stored it in the garage at the renal property with our food and bought a Iceco freezer/refrigerator. Of course that showed up in a damaged box and has a huge dent on the side with the compressor. We bought it from Wayfare and their response was amazing! No hassle; they said they’d replace our freezer and we could just keep this damaged one. Unfortunately it was backordered and not going to make it to the US for a couple weeks or more. No problem, we had it shipped to Fairfax. Funny thing is it’s already in Andrew’s office in VA! Thanks to Andrew’s co-worker the freezer was accepted, inspected and is waiting for our arrival!

Getting the fridge out of the RV was an experience. We literally had to remove the refrigerator doors, the entire RV door and frame and then I kicked the fridge with my feet to get it out since it seemed a bit mis-shaped. It seems bouncing on the highways was not great for this rather large refrigerator.

Door and frame removed! Also needed to insulate to hopefully block a few more large holes and cracks to prevent road dust!
Goodbye huge, energy suck!

As of now we are waiting for our new refrigerator (a little, red, upright energy star) to be delivered to our friend’s house tomorrow. Once at my parent’s house in VA the next stage of the renovation will be the removal of all the kitchen cabinets and the build-out for the old refrigerator and washer/dryer. Then, we will rebuild to accommodate the new freezer, fridge and maximize storage. We also dislike the upper cabinets in the kitchen because they block the top of the window and makes the space feel dark and cramped so those will also go.We selected the new fridge and freezer for size, efficiency and weight and that’s the way we will be selecting the rest of this renovation. I will post more as we get the new pieces in!

Andrew on his way to a 20+ mile backpacking trip!

We were able to enjoy ourselves while here in Reno, too! We ate at our favorite breakfast spot (Peg’s Eggs) as well as at Sushi Pier, Chinese Duck House and The Atlantis for Cioppino! I was able to visit with friends, see the Great Balloon Race (even though it was so windy they didn’t get off the ground), get some amazing deals on fabric to make a couple children’s blankets, attend a friend’s wedding, pain pottery, and see Georgia O’Keeffe’s work at Nevada Museum of Art. Andrew joined me at the friend’s wedding, balloon race, and he went for a 23 mile backpack trip on TRT (Tahoe Rim Trail). That’s where he tried out his new camping quilt. I should probably write a couple posts about what I’ve been sewing and what Andrew’s been up to with some backpacking and motorcycle trips.

We were lucky to be invited by our friends with an awesome van. We arrived at 4 am and spent a great morning together including a hot breakfast at the van!!

The Summer of the Columbia River

We spent the summer bopping around between Oregon and Washington near the Columbia River and some of the amazing Mountains in the area including Mount Hood.

Places we didn’t go… Mount Rainier National Park, or really any other park anyone has heard of. Places we did go were several sno-parks and Discover Parks ($35 pass required) in Washington. Super beautiful, free or mostly free, off grid living.

We stayed near Portland for a while so each of us were able to fly to VA on separate trips. I went out to visit my family and Andrew went out for work. Andrew also left me at the rig alone for a week of work and hiking in Reno and five days for a motorcycle training adventure! He had a very busy and exciting summer.

Andrew is off for training!
White River Sno-Park
Hiking day!

Some unplanned excitement were the three house guests (tiny mice), a burned out wire so we couldn’t charge up the batteries from the solar panels, a cracked Jeep windshield from a stone that I swear fell from the sky, a refrigerator that randomly pulls power even when it is not running, and too much sun and heat/not enough cell signal in a couple places we tried to park. So, all in all a “this is real RV life” summer!

We spent a fair amount of time near Mount Hood in two different Sno-Parks. Trillium Lake was the first when I was visiting my family for a week and White River the second when Andrew went to Reno for work and a 40+ mile hiking trip. Both were great temperatures, stunning views and free living!!

Recently we stayed near the Columbia River again at Fisherman’s Coulee. Beautiful, but this was an area that was just too hot and sunny in August… So we moved on to a couple Harvest Hosts on our way to a higher elevation further south near two of our favorite wineries 14 Hands and Terra Blanca. After tasting at Terra Blanca we were able to take a photo of our home from the property! See the small rectangular spec on the hilltop? That’s home!!

From Terra Blanca you can see our home on the hill!
A close up of the above ?
Wandering around the hills near our “home for the week”

Next, we headed to Bend through Hood River area (same Sno-Park as before) since it was getting too hot at this hilltop home. Once in Bend we paid to stay at the Deschutes Fairgrounds Campground so we could do some laundry and have AC for the girls while we spent time with friends.

Currently, we are in Reno parked at the back of one of our properties. Both houses here need TLC (pest control and yard work) before we head to VA for the fall. I’m busy trying to figure out the plants growing naturally in the yard and prepping the RV for the new refrigerator and freezer situation. More to come on the upcoming renovation!!