Maybe you’ll find inspiration from our story?

To make this move a couple big things needed to change about where we work and our mindsets. First off, Lara needed to quit her career as a teacher. She did this with excitement and sadness. Second, Andrew worked with his managers for approval to work from the road and visit the remote offices around the country. With these changes completed in June 2016 we left our old work lives behind and embarked on a new adventure with the goal of creating a new mindset. Can we find a happy way to work, relax and play? 

After getting on the road full-time, Lara quickly learned to drive the 35 foot RV with our Jeep in tow. In this way she took on the job of researching, planning and driving our route based around Andrew’s work schedule and available cell services. At first, research and planning was a LOT of work. The first year Lara spent hours planning before every move, and we moved every couple days to weeks.

Andrew was working from the front passenger seat when away from the offices (there are several offices in different states) and went to the local office whenever we were near one. This was a part of the deal when getting permission to work from the road. 

After the first year, we went to a Rendezvous and opened our eyes to new opportunities!

One opportunity is that we can post a resume on the website and actively look for short term jobs all over the US and Canada. This is a great opportunity if what you’re looking for is a full-time job on a short-term basis. 

Unfortunately, we found pretty quickly that the places that needed a camp host (Lara’s ideal part-time job) were all in locations that didn’t have great Verizon or T-Mobile cell service. Andrew MUST have some way to connect to the Internet and use Google Meet for work.

With this in mind Lara took a job retyping information from photographs into a database. This was fine for a little over a year, but honestly it was tedious and Lara is no typist! She resigned after 18 months. 

Another opportunity we learned about was rental properties. We had money saved after the sale of our home in Arlington, VA and so we invested in two single family houses in Reno, NV in 2017 and 2018. We selected this city because we travel there every year, we enjoy the city, and the rental houses available in the market was a small percent. Basically, more rentals were needed. We made some of the renovations ourselves and paid professionals for others (HVAC and a new fence). We are able to make a little bit of money each month from the rent we collect and Lara’s learned a bit about running a small business as the manager. This experience has taught her about people (adult people – she was already pretty good at understanding children), how to make difficult decisions, laws around tenancy and so much more. We recently sold the property pictured below because it’s a sellers market right now. We decided to take that money and carefully invest in stocks when the time seems right – we are currently watching the markets fall (it’s February 2020 and Corona virus is an issue).

First Renal House in Reno

Lara may decide to make money being crafty. She sews clothing and house linens for herself and makes and donates all number of things (fidget quilts for nursing homes, pretty pocket pouches for drains after surgery, pillowcase dresses for children in Haiti, etc). Maybe an Etsy or Facebook store is in Lara’s future?

“Pretty Pockets”

There’s lots of ways to earn a living when living in an RV. It’s just a matter of figuring out what is enjoyable and what skills are marketable. Andrew was able to work with management to keep his career and experience RV life. Lara’s learned all kinds of new skills and also takes on the planning and driving aspects of the ongoing traveling. Also, with a lower cost of living, less money is required and that allows for more time to relax and enjoy the places we visit.