Meditation in this time…

This is an unusual time in our lives. If you’re like most people you’re locked down in your home or on your property and that can feel stressful and uncomfortable. There are many kinds of meditation techniques which you can try in addition to sitting on a pillow (although this is a great meditation, too). I’ll share some of my favorites!

My first and favorite go to is dance!!!! Literally. Put on your favorite music and dance. Slow swaying movements, jamming to pop, air punching, randomly flinging your body around, you name it. DO IT! Set time aside to dance every day. Even one song can make your body and mind feel sooo much better. Get your blood flowing and your lungs working.

Now, as you dance each day your focus can change. Your focus on yourself IS the meditation. At first you might be doing dance moves you’re familiar with or have done before. As days go by let yourself move in ways that are unfamiliar, rather than “look cool,” focus on “feel good,” and provide sensations in your joints and muscles. Notice what the movements are that feel good. Notice how different parts of your body feel. Notice if your feet move, hips move, are you only standing? Are your hands touching the floor? Are your knees? This is the meditation aspect of movement and dance! Notice how your body feels. Notice how your body wants to move. Do that!

Try closing your eyes. Dance with your eyes closed. Notice how your movements change. How do your emotions change? What are your emotions like before dancing? During? When different music plays? When you move in certain ways? After?

Play and enjoy the privacy and space of the quarantine! Try it with without music. Try it in a room alone. Try it with your kids. Dance with your cat and dog. If you have outdoor space, dance inside and out. Build this as a meditation practice that will last you long after the quarantine is over.

Northeastern California June 2019

We took these near our home near Weed, CA. This was a beautiful spot for resting and working.Klamath National ForestSculpture Garden for Korean War Vets on highway 97 (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway)Downtown WeedMount ShastaMossbrae Falls: A little hike across private property to more private property (railroad tracks) and worth the effort. We parked out by the motel near the entrance to Shasta Retreat and headed down through the community. This link has excellent directions. Lake: We could see this from the road up to Klamath National Forest and found our way over to the public area. I’m guessing there used to be camping allowed but like so many places it’s only for day use now. Put the cross roads Jackson Ranch Rd and Dwinnell Way to get yourself most of the way there. Then look for the lake public access signs.Klamath SnowPark: There is also an RV park across the paved road from here but it is beautifully treed and we wouldn’t get enough sun on our solar panels there. Staying in this lot we had lots of sun and only a couple other campers the week we were there.Klamath National Forest: We continued on in e Jeep past the Snow Park and ended up on a dirt road for quite a ways into the forest. Much of the land is marked private property and is clearly being logged. Here we found a clearing (fire or man-made we were not sure) and played with the dogs. Gigi was on break from fetch.Klamath National Forest: Kona striking a pose.

Dentist, Doctor, Veterinarian on the Road

Living in our RV full time means being flexible, this includes healthcare for us and our pets. We are exceptionally lucky that Andrew has excellent health insurance through his work and I have reasonably priced insurance that I paid for on my own (his employer does not believe in covering spouses… weird). We are also very lucky to be in nearly perfect heath including our dogs. That said, we do have needs and I’ll share a bit about how we handle it.

Veterinary Care

Both our dogs, and our cat, Mica (before she died), all go to Banfield in PetSmart to keep up to date with vaccinations and for other basic appointments. We pay for one of the health programs for the dogs (not insurance) so that payments for veterinarian care is spread out over a year rather than in big lump sums. We like using Banfield because they are in many different states and we can generally get to one if we really need to. We have had great experiences with the veterinarians as well as the techs and other office staff accommodating us as we passed through their facility. I highly recommend finding a veterinary group that you’ll have access to where ever you go so that you always have access to records and appointments.

Health Care

Honestly, Andrew and I do not have a regular physician. On the rare occasions we have been sick we were able to use over the counter medications, rest and hot tea to get us through and we naturally got better. That said, we have insurance in case of emergency. We basically eat right, walk the dogs for exercise, and try to get plenty of rest to stay well. I practice Dragon’s Way and other qigong which I also believe helps keep me well. We do not have vision issues so we don’t have to deal with that either. So, in this area I don’t have a lot of insight. We figure if we need a doctor I can use the concierge service my insurance provides and we can make use of urgent care facilities. If we decide to start seeing a physician more regularly we would likely find someone in Reno or the DC area so that it would become a part of what we do when we are in that location. Keep in mind that appointments may need to be made pretty far in advance so be thinking about it before arriving in the destination!


The dentist is one area we have some experience. Andrew has tricky teeth and so he sees Dr. Barakat in Vienna, Virginia. We have been going there for almost 20 years. Andrew continues to go once a year when we are in Virginia for a cleaning and checkup. I decided I wanted to continue to have my teeth cleaned every 6 months so I go to Absolute Dental in Reno when we are there as well as seeing Dr. Barakat in the fall when in Virginia. This works for us because we have rental properties in Reno and will need to be there in the spring each year and I love the fall on the east coast so we are generally there to visit family and friends during that time-frame. So, as long as we keep to this schedule we should be fine. I suggest seeing a dentist at least one a year where ever you tend to go most often. Again, appointments need to be made a few weeks or more out, so be sure to do this before you arrive at that location. Other wise you may be stuck longer than you’d want to be!